Preparing For Your Shoot

Preparing For Your Shoot

It's best to bring 4-5 options for each look, and we will look through everything together.  Here are some ideas and general guidelines, just keep in mind the specific roles/characters that we discussed and decide what is appropriate:

  • Focus mainly on tops, unless we have discussed doing a 3/4 shot.
  • Think layers ... tshirts, sweaters, shirts, light jackets.  The only part that is showing in your photo is around your neck/shoulders, so layers work great to add depth/color/texture.
  • Its usually a good idea to bring some shirts WITH collars and some WITHOUT.
  • Include some options that are solid colors (not just patterns).  
  • Bring some muted colors (navys, dark browns, white, black) as well as some brighter, bolder colors. 
  • You don't need to bring shoes.  In most cases, you bottoms/pants won’t matter either. 
  • For any clothes than can wrinkle, bring on hangers, pressed and ready to wear (tshirts, tanks, etc are fine in a bag). If you are doing a business look, make sure your shirts and suits have been dry-cleaned and are crisp, clean and stain free.  We have a steamer on hand for touchups.  
  • Glasses:  if you have glasses that you want to be photographed in, make sure they have anti-reflective coating on them, or take the lenses out ahead of time.  

Note that our packages includes “light hair styling” only.  This means that the makeup artist will add product, curl, straighten or add volume, and help maintain flyaways but they do not do full hair styles.  The makeup artists will style off of what is already there, so please arrive with it styled the way you like it for the first look.  

Women: If you are planning a hair change during the shoot, make sure that it’s a simple and realistic style that you can replicate on your own for an audition.  If you have a specific idea in mind, please bring a photo of your own hair styled the way you are requesting it.   If you are shooting a 3 or 4 look package, still plan on no more than one major hair change during your shoot unless we have discussed it ahead of time. 

Show up with a clean face.  its a good idea that morning to use an exfoliator on your skin (or just scrub it really well with a washcloth) to remove dry/dead skin, and then apply a moisturizer. 

Waxing: get any facial waxing done at least a week before the shoot.  If its your first time to wax, then give it 2 weeks or more, in case you have a reaction or redness.  

Plucking: do any plucking BEFORE arriving.  The stylist does not do eyebrow plucking or shaping.  

Women: you will have a chance to tell the makeup artist how you normally wear your makeup, so feel free to give her any input or bring photos of what you like.  You'll find my stylists very easy to work with and very open to collaborating to get it right for you.  She will have all of the makeup needed for every skin type, but if you have a favorite product, you are welcome to bring it. 

Avoid doing anything drastic the week before your shoot (dye your hair a new color, get a chemical peel on your face, go on a crash diet, try to give up coffee or smoking, etc).  All of these things can stress your system and lead to *unexpected* results!  Just try to get rest, eat well, and drink lots of water.  With that being said, if you wake up the morning of the shoot with a huge zonker on your chin, don't freak out ... that's what retouching is for.

EAT!  Eat a real meal (with some protein) before you come to the shoot.  Skipping one lunch before your shoot will NOT make your stomach look flatter in the photo, ha ha ...  it will only leave you tired, which will show in the photos.  The photo session can require more energy than you expect, so you'll need to fuel.  Avoid alcohol or marijuana before your shoot ..  instead of relaxing you they will simply make you look tired and dopey in the photos. ;-)

Alot of clients ask about tipping the makeup stylist.  If you feel you were well taken care of, it is very much appreciated although not required or expected.  An appropriate amount can range anywhere from $5 to $25, and you can give it directly to your stylist or include with your payment. 


Looking forward to working with you! 

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