Directions to Studio


Our address is: 
2518 1/2 Main St
Santa Monica CA 90405

We are located in north Venice, two blocks from the beach, just off Ocean Park Blvd. 

Our studio is above Precious Metal Arts Studio and Manchego Restaurant.  You’ll see a door marked "2518 1/2”, this is the door where you will enter.  If the door isn't already unlocked, give us a call or text and we'll come down to meet you.  Note that we are up one flight of stairs, however we can help you if you have a lot to bring up.  If you have more than you can carry from your parking spot, you can pull up at the curb and we can come down and help you unload before you park.  Natalie's cell phone: 310-938-4715


Option 1: There is metered parking along Main Street in front of our building.  $1 per hour, 3 hour time limit. 

Option 2: There is a large parking lot behind our building.  $1 per hour, 4 hour limit.  Pay machine in the lot, accepts cash or credit cards. Display the ticket on your car dashboard. You can enter the parking lot either from Hollister Ave or Main Street.  

Option 3: There is free parking on 2nd street starting from Ocean Park Blvd and going south on 2nd.  You may have to drive around a little to find parking here but it is free if you would like to try this option.  Please read all street signs to ensure you are not in a ‘permit only’ area.